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September 14, 2016
By , Brooklyn, NY

The Path to Somewhere is a very creative piece by Liz F. that I enjoyed. This story is about a girl who lives in a cabin with her sister and mother. According to her memory, the narrator’s father disappeared, but she still feels his ghost around the house they spent their lives in. One day, she encounters an unusual situation in which she sees her sister being killed by a crumbling riverbank. She keeps seeing this vision until she attempts to stop it from happening. She dies instead of her sister. Her ghost stays long enough for her sister, Carrie to explain that she had to stay strong and support their mom after her death.

I enjoyed this piece of writing because of its sensory details. For example, a line from the story states, “The kitchen filled with the sizzling of butter and the scent of toast. It drifted through the hallways and into our bedroom, enough to drag us out of our bed and lift the sleep from our eyes.” Liz describes the sensation of waking up to a delicious breakfast made by her mom perfectly, and in a way I could’ve never thought of.  She writes as if the reader is beside Carrie and the narrator, experiencing every moment they experienced. Another sentence I adored was, “Her hair was always windswept, her hands soft but calloused.” These comparisons force the reader to think what the writer was imagining when she was writing this piece and creating the character, Carrie.

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