True Cinderellas

September 12, 2016
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I loved "True Cinderellas" by Tasha M. because it addresses unrealistic expectaitons we have for each other and for ourselves and put it in a humbling perspective.  The issue presented is found in everyday life - they're universal feelings that can be hard to escape.  I believe the poem did a great job of reminding the readers   the difference between fictional and realistic expectations when it comes to ourselves and eachother.  When the author says, "and shoes never fit us just right; painful heels give us blisters", it's simply shoes that everyday life isn't like the fairytales.  I also like that it uses examples of not only the we act as individuals, but society itself.  When she says, "when we're called names we let define us", it proves that it's not just the prince/princess relationship that's unrealistic, it's the people in general.  The writer did a great job of displaying life is not a movie.

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