5 Reasons You Shouldn't Stop Hating Clinton

September 12, 2016
By , Defiance, OH

In The writing titled "5 Reasons to Stop Hating Clinton" written by Jamie S I felt they had stupid reasoning about why Clinton should be given a chance left me feeling angry and annoyed.  I harshly disagree with her reasoning towards the election.  the first thing that i saw was point four "Hello? its about time we had a woman in the white house, and i don't mean as First Lady."  First thats a dumb reason because you should choose this person because shes a girl as a qualification, its like eating glass because it looks like rock candy or drinking bleach because it look likes water.  her fifth point wasn't a point it was just her quotes so lets use Hillary's quotes against her "I did not send any classified material from my email" and we all know that she did.  Man she sure does sound like a good canidate because of your five tiny points, even though Hillary lies threw her teeth at every single problem she has.

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