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September 12, 2016
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In the writing titled "The New Kid" written by Sousan R., I felt a sense of "been there, experienced that."  

Her writing about starting in a new school left me feeling how I had felt when I had started a new school four times!  


I hadn't moved countries like Sousan, but I had gone eight hours away, from my home in Virginia all the way to Ohio.  I can relate, as I felt my move had "abruptly shifted my life" as it had hers.  Starting a new school is most definately is a terrifying experience:  not knowing where to go, worrying about not making any new friends, etc.  


That's what I feel the author does so well: perfectly conveys the worries of starting a new school.  


Describing everthing from the name mispronounciation, to sitting alone, to "facing my mom's endless questions" reaches out to anyone who has started a new school and puts them right back in that desk on their first day surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

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