A Stupid Mistake

September 12, 2016
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A simple car accident would have most people have the feeling of anger build up inside; however, a car accident related to driving under the influence can be life threatening, and leave most people worried.  The moment when the author sat in the passengers seat of her boyfriends car, and she had no worries because she thought she could trust her boyfriend.  She buckled in, because of her mom's advice, but she didn't know that he had been drinking earlier that night.  He drove right into a pole which greatly impacted the passenger's side of the car, and when her, "head hit the side window, and immediately started throbbing," whe was grateful of her mother's advice.  If she wasn't wearing a seat belt, she could've been thrown from the car and had life-threatening injuries.  After the police showed up, her boyfriend failed the sober test, and the police called her parents.  Her father came shortly after, and after they had gotten into his car, he told her that, "Your mother and I could have lost you tonight," and this was the point when she realized how serious she could've been injured.  Overall, this girls memoir was interesting and dramatic, and gives a real-life situation to teach two meaningful messages.

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