Sorry, Soyla

September 12, 2016

In the work Sorry, Soyla written by "Allison".  I felt like it was a good representation about how it was to cross the border and have someone slow you down.  Allison’s writing about how they left Soyla behind to cross the border left me feeling sad.  My reaction to this section was I agree with Allison that it is bad to not be kind and support Soyla to carry on and cross the border.  I understand that they wanted to cross over to America but they should have helped Soyla because all she wanted to do was cross over the border for she could have a better life.  Yes I see the same issue in Ayersville and Stryker and even in the rest of the United States where someone is trying to better their life but keep getting put down about it.  Also they don't have the support that they need to accomplish it.  I believe it is a very well written article it explains their back-stories and it explains and lets the reader visualize what was happening.  It helps the reader understand it even though they haven't went through it.

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