But... Bacon

September 12, 2016

This article opens with a short story about how their mother and sister decided to become vegetarians and live a new life style.  The author states, “I was eating chicken and waved it in their faces.”  His actions show that he has little to no respect for vegetarians and doesn’t support their choice to stop eating meat.  The author does realize he was cruel and mean to his family and feels sorry for his actions.  The author then goes on to state, “Although, I disagree with how some animals are treated, I can’t give up bacon.”  In my eyes, this statement is very scary.  If a young man cannot give up a certain food, even knowing that the food he’s eating was raised and treated wrongly, that’s a problem.  Would it be fair to say that this man is addicted to bacon?  The young man boldly said that he knows that some animals are treated wrongly, but he still doesn’t care enough to stop buying and consuming the animals that were mistreated.  He simply is too selfish to care.

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