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September 12, 2016

In this piece of writing I agreed and also disagreed with what the author Sara G. had to poin out.  Drake was first known as "the feels" with his music and was very peaceful and solful.  Sara states "Fans like me love the soulful sound and the heartfelt lyrics in every song."  Which is true, he has songs about love and relationships.  Which made him popular and still has popular hits. Although, what i don't agree on is how she said his music was replaced.  Sara states "the solful beats were replaced with a lively Caribbean Style."  I think she wasn't taking into thought that his upbeat songs were hits as well.  There is 2 sides of Drake and everyone loves it.  Some just prefer soulful than upbeat.  


In credit to the author Sara G., it was a great review and read!  I enjoyed it!

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