Things You Don't Know You Want

September 12, 2016
By , defiance , OH

The writing Things you Dont Know you Want written by Prisclla R., made me feel good or happy about the story.  Her writting about falling in love and knowing it made me feel glad because she could see herself falling for someone she didn't like before.  I have to agree with thius article.  YOu know that feelin you get when you like someone.  I understand this because i have dated before.  There have been stronger feelings for some. "Knowing you are going to love somebody." I'm suprised she knows she is falling in lov, I feel like most people don't notice it.I do notic around my daily life people truely careing for one another.  I like how the article started with her hateing him then changing.  "wow, I think, look at that stupied hair."  "knowing you are falling in love." The points are strong and the topics are put together well.  There was nothing confusing or that would leave me confused.

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