The Waiting List

September 12, 2016
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In the writing titled "The Waiting List" written by Laurence H. I felt hooked on every word.  His writing about the slow process of the death penalty left me feeling as if i too was staring at the gray walls.  The fictional story about the not-so-innocent man was very appealing and eye-opening.  Within the first two lines, the reader’s can already tell mostly what the story will be about.  Hayward writes, “He sits in the drab, gray cell.  A standard plain, 6-by-8 foot enclosure.” The first two lines are extremely full of detail and paint an excellent picture.  Not only does the fictional writing contain lots of well thought out detail, it also teaches a hidden lesson.  The author says the line, “Forgiveness brings peace, not more death,” which is saying that the death penalty isn’t always the answer.  The story of a guilty man waiting and carrying out his death sentence was very intriguing.

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