Feedback on Sleepwalking Through History

September 18, 2016
By purplewolfmoon SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
purplewolfmoon SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Sleepwalking Through History by Cassidy Johnson is the piece I am critiquing. A former speaker of the house is making a speech about terrorist attacks in America. The author is unimpressed by the news, even though she feels she should be. She feels that she is being entertained rather than educated by politics, and is hopeless for America's future. I mostly agree with what she wrote.

I feel that none of the current presidential candidates are fit for the position of president. They promise solutions to all of America's problems, but they will not last and they probably will not keep their promises. In the article, it states, "like we are voting for the biggest smooth-talker, ... In this generation of instant gratification, we want a president to show us a good time, right? We demand short-term solutions to long term problems, someone to skip all the hard work and make us happy today, even at the risk of our precious futures... politics being sung to me like a show tune... I don't feel proud or inspired by my country." If either of these candidates win, nothing good is going to happen to America, and it will step backward instead of forward. I feel that corruption is taking over politics that will not be good for anyone on either side.

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