Feedback on "I Didn't Let You"

September 18, 2016

“I Didn’t Let You” by Bettina Sack-Gallup is a very interesting piece about something that can happen everyday day in life. The story covers everything that happens in a present day world. In the story, there were illegal immigrants, massacres, and robberies. Everything about a 21st century  world has a part in the story. The protagonist and his family are promised a better life by a man named Armando, who scammed his  family out if all their  possessions. The paragraph at the end was very important to the passage because of its value to the protagonist.
The protagonist's conscience narrates the story for him, and reveals what he is feeling. It tells him the difference between right and wrong and how he reacts to the voices in his head. The last paragraph reveals what someone’s conscience really does for them. Sometimes, it might not be there. One line says, “You didn’t have anyone guiding you.” This shows that your conscience will not always be there, and you have to do some things yourself.
The saying too good to be true is showed in this story in a very dramatic way. Once his family has a ticket to somewhere, they are robbed of everything that they own. Bettina covered the point very well that whatever you feel go with it, but more importantly whatever the voice in your head tells you to do, do it.

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