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September 18, 2016
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“Counter Strike: Global Offensive”(also known as CS:GO)  by Logan Gonzalez is an intriguing review that points out both the good and bad in the game. While I always wanted to buy the game before, this review made me confirm those desires. The article provides true and important information required for playing CS:GO, such as teamwork and cooperation. Other info such as the 120 second rounds also attracted me to try out this game. The way Logan detailed his review to appeal to everyone also caught my eye.
Another fact I really liked that he displayed really well is the cons. Logan stated that “In this game, you will occasionally find yourself playing with someone who has hacked the game to attain the ability to see you through walls, automatically snapping their aim to your head.” This honestly shows a flaw that even he can’t hide. However, he is still able to change the topic back to his side by saying “However, hackers are a problem in any gaming community, and there is no surefire way to eliminate them.” This proves how this is just a problem in most communities rather than pinpointing to CS:GO.
To sum this up, I found this review both entertaining and informative. Logan truly convinced me even more to get this great game. I especially hope that I can do so eventually.

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