Feedback on "Please Respect My Choice"

September 17, 2016
By JonathanBellony SILVER, New York City, New York
JonathanBellony SILVER, New York City, New York
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I couldn't agree more with "Please Respect My Choice" by Ava Budavari-Glenn. Her experience with reactions to her political views is a relatable one. She goes on to describe how the presidential election is turning us against each other. I think this is an important article for every U.S. citizen to read.
I can't say I'm a Hillary supporter, but I believe there's a bigger message here. We should be listening to each other's ideas, but instead we're fighting. As the article puts it, "division instead of unity and labeling instead of freedom." If dismissing people's views and being hateful is preferred over intelligent debates, our nation isn't progressing. I'm glad this article reminded me of that.

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