Feedback on The Path to Somewhere

September 17, 2016
By ImogenGF SILVER, Brooklyn, New York, New York
ImogenGF SILVER, Brooklyn, New York, New York
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The Path to Somewhere - Liz Field - This short fiction piece tells the tearjerking story of a girl who’s father has passed away. The main character deals with nightmares as well as the real-world effects that her father's death had on the family. Her mother is often distant as a result of her grief. Because of this, the protagonist’s only consolation is her younger sister Carrie whom she is often responsible for, and a pocket watch from her father.

Ms. Feilds’s piece is beautifully descriptive and packed with emotion. She uses unique phrases that make her writing stunningly vivid. At one point she states, “a jolt of fear shot through me, electrifying my spine and seizing my stomach.” Lines such as these are what make the story come to life. I would definitely recommend "The Path to Somewhere" it is a great read.

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