Feedback on "Why Trump Will Be President"

September 16, 2016
By LoeyLo GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
LoeyLo GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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     “Why Trump Will Be President” by Ryan Oboryshko is an article that really sells me on the likeliness of Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. The story of how he mowed down his competition, even when they had extremely high chances for being nominated, and shocked many people as he emerged triumphant as he became the Republican nominee easily convinced me despite the enormous amounts of negative criticism I’ve heard about the things Trump says. From what I’ve seen on the news, some of his beliefs are outrageous while others lead me to question this man’s rationality. I hardly ever immerse myself in politics since it is not a concern at my age, but I would vote for Trump because of all the evidence that is given. Ryan showed me to another side of the candidate despite all the talk of how poor Trump would be as the leader of our nation. I could barely recognize him as the person I’ve witnessed on the media after reading this story.
The timeline presented in this text contains absolutely no nonsense. From the beginning of the elections up until now, everything that is brought up is powerful and interesting. For example, the fact that “Trump shattered the previous record for Republican primary votes for a single candidate” is both remarkable and admirable. Never would I have considered that Donald Trump is a persuasive, agreeable man until I saw that he won over many people.

     Another aspect of the Republican that Ryan shed light on is the perseverance this person has. Donald Trump ran against Jeb Bush at one point during this election, which, at first glance, seems extremely one-sided and weighted toward Bush, given the information that he “was pegged as the presumed GOP nominee, since both his father and brother were presidents and he had tremendous monetary support in the form of super-PACs.” Jeb had many aces up his sleeve, but Trump didn’t let that stop him from emerging victorious. Even with the $150 million that Bush invested into his campaign, it still was not enough to match the charisma and hard work that embodies Trump. As I realize how stressful it must be for so many people to hate on this 70-year-old man and share their emotions with the internet, I am incredibly astonished at how much I’ve come to underestimate the sturdiness and determination inside Donald Trump.

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