Feedback on "The Last First Day"

September 14, 2016
By AJR77 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
AJR77 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Feedback on “The Last First Day”

Julia Lee’s memoir, “The Last First Day”, brought up a topic that I could relate to. The
piece talked about the first day of 8th grade and how it felt the same as the last day. I think that
Julia did a very good job of describing her emotions during the time of the memoir and did an
overall good job on the piece.  From the memoir, I was able to tell exactly how she felt in the
situation that she was going through.
I can relate to Julia’s piece because I am also experiencing the starting of eighth grade. 
Even though my school experience was different, and I was not as an emotional about the first
day, I still feel connected to the memoir.  I liked Julia’s extensive detail and descriptions of how
she felt waking up, going to school, and thinking back to her summer.  One example of this is
when Julia says, “Familiar rituals – the first day of school pictures mom insisted on and worrying
over the color of my folders – flew by.  I barely noticed getting the subway, swiping my Metro
Card and breezing through the turnstile”.  The memoir had lots of detail, and was very relatable
to kids of all ages who are experiencing their last year at a school that they love.  I liked the piece
and thought it did a good job bringing across the message that the author intended.

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