Orlandos Unnamed Victims

September 14, 2016
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Dear Delany Danis,

I loved your article. I’ve read so much about Orlando, and honestly, though I dutifully sifted through article after article, blog post and newspapers flew under my fingers and I scrolled through every publication I could remember, I watched television new shows and out of it all “Orlando’s Unnamed Victims” was my favorite. Your articles flows well and feels like any professional piece, however the true gems of the piece are the line of pure emotion.   
In your fourth paragraph you say “the Supreme Court has finally said your love is worthy of marriage” this hit me hard. I as a young gay girl sat reading this over and over again. My eyes lingered on the world finally, I spent so little time waiting for the court case. I was unaware for most of my life, for most of my life I didn’t care. And yet that finally means so much written now in hind sight, now that marriage is legal but love is threatened and held at gunpoint. Delany says “closeted individuals now have 49 reasons to stay in the closet” and I couldn’t agree more. This is not an Orlando problem, a one city one bar one shooter and forty nine lives problem. This is an epidemic of fear, and last pride was turned fearful. With bomb threats and shooters on subways our march of celebration and pride was turned into a funeral, with forty nine hand dug graves.

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