Feedback on "Point And Shoot"

September 14, 2016
By JCR55 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
JCR55 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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I was able to relate to the piece “Point and Shoot” by Vamika Sinha.  The author 
discussed the issue of technology in modern society and how it is consuming most teens’
daily lives.  Another point addressed was how teens are becoming narcissistic by taking
and posting photos of themselves.  I agree with Sinha’s point of view on technology and I
appreciate that she could speak her feelings about it.
I believe that Vamika Sinha’s view of social media is correct and I can relate it to my
own life as well. When I go on a social media site such as Instagram, I post artistic photos of
objects or places that look interesting to me.  However, when I browse through the seemingly
endless scroll of photos, I can spot selfies, photos that brag about one’s possessions, and even
photos of somebody’s last meal. Kids are constantly publicizing every small detail of their life. I
also compliment Sinha on the way she conveyed the idea of social media sucking you into an
alternate reality full of lies. She accomplished this with well-crafted lines such as “In a world
saturated with aggressive optimism, with imperfect ideas of perfect happiness, nobody is
interested in airing their troubles” and “A pleasant encounter is shot before warming into
memory,  its glittering shrapnel left to hurtle into cyberspace.”  I enjoyed reading Vamika
Sinha’s “Point and Shoot” piece and was glad that she expressed her feelings on the topic.“Point  and Shoot”

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