The Waiting List

September 14, 2016

I felt shivers down my spine as I read the ending to “The Waiting List” by Laurence Hayward. It describes a man guilty of murder waiting to be put to death. It captures his thoughts on what was happening, and how he thought he deserved all of it (although I agree that he did). The story ends with the narrator explaining how death does not bring peace to anyone. The article was masterfully written, and I thank Laurence Hayward for making it possible to read.
I nearly cried at how he knew the families wanted revenge, how Hayward created a character that was portrayed as a disgrace of a human being, and yet still could be so humane. The line “He knows he has to die. Texas wants him dead. He almost wants himself dead.” Perfectly illustrates how he knows how everyone feels. The reader almost feels sorry for him… except for the fact that he murdered children. In the afterlife he seems to face the real punishment… although we may never know what it is.  While the main character’s death wasn’t “memorable,” (even though I think it was), the story definitely was.

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