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Point and Shoot

     "Point and Shoot" by Vamika Sinha accurately captures the effects social media impends upon today's society. After reading this refreshing piece, I came to the realization of how members of our world are constantly seeking the approval of complete strangers. I definitely agree with how social media is the foundation of many peoples' ego. For some, it is their entire mindset of self-worth.

     A quote in the eighth paragraph really resonated with me: "So you tuck away your worries and furnish an alternate life, airbrushed with unreality." Vamika consicely portrays how we put on a mask to hide the unbearable truth: that our lives are not all like our posts may indicate. Admittedly, I too, get warped in the never-ending current of social media. However, we cannot truly be ourselves if we feel the need to document everything that happens in our lives.

    The bitter truth is excellently stated in this piece, and it serves as a reminder to live how we see fit. This includes not feeling the urge to conform to fit the needs of a "matching feed". Great job, Vamika!

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