I Didn't Let You

September 13, 2016

     Bettina Sack-Gallup’s “I Didn’t Let You” – a fictional piece about the everyday dangers faced by residents of our neighboring countries discusses an issue that I hadn’t even thought to stop and ponder upon. After reading this article, however, I had enough knowledge to grasp the idea of dangers faced by the majority citizens in troubled countries. Gallup’s second person style of writing makes the story even more vivid and evocative. In addition, their use of vocabulary and figurative language provides brilliant enhancement to everyday language.

     This article brought to mind of similar occurrences that family members of mine had experienced when trying to leave their previous country where there was war and poverty. For instance, Gallup states, “People were running around and yelling and screaming at each other, waving guns, threatening death.” It’s terrifying knowing how little life is valued when a country is in indigence, and Gallup undertakes the issue sagaciously. In sum, I believe that Gallup graciously addressed a terrifying topic that deserves more awareness.

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