"Not That Korean"

September 12, 2016
By Jocelynsysamouth BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Jocelynsysamouth BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I comply with the article because it informs readers about how let down you could be in expectations. In Irene's case she has been given the expectations about her race. She couldn't break out of the solitude structure of stereotypes. "I never managed to get out of you're so white comments", building up why the way my personality is reflected effect on my race? If the majority of your race do a certain activity you have to follow the obedience and automatically seen that way. I disagree in why Irene took the decision that she had to be more Korean just so she could fit in. She should have broke the stereotypes so everyone shouldn't be categorize and go through the same events. Thank you, Irene for giving your expirences that other races can relate.

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