My Mother's Ungiven Testimony MAG

September 12, 2016
By DaisyGMB BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
DaisyGMB BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
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Cathy Macon's article "My Mother's Ungiven Testimony" was extremely moving to me because it reflected to my father's hard life he went through. Macon speaks of her "mother's parents where alcoholics...dominance verbally and physically" very relatable to the childhood beatings my father had to take from his alcoholic father. Likewise to Macon's mother "pain and betrayal shaped...and ironically alcohol took over" it powered my father's life in depowering his good self. Although soon to my arrival he was reawake and he fell in love to overcome the temptations of the alcohol and drugs to focus on my brother and I. Thank you Cathy Macon for having the courage to speak out on your mother’s struggles which inspired me to share my fathers also.

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