Feedback on The Gender Factor

June 15, 2016
By Anonymous

The article, "The Gender Factor" is a piece about why Hillary Clinton should be president. The reason that this article provides for Hillary's presidency is that she is a woman.  The author, "Karli," expresses how we have too much sexism in our country and a woman President would end it. I completely disagree with "Karli."

   Presidents are supposed to be the people that control our government, not only our social status. A President is someone we can trust to make foreign relations. Quite frankly, I do not trust Hillary. There is no denying that she is a crook. If she can hide emails from us as senator, she can hide things from us as President. I want a President that I can trust, not a President that can prove woman can have leadership skills. There would be other people that can do that. I would rather live in a sexist society than a destroyed society. I will not be supporting Hillary Clinton even if we do share the same gender. 

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