Feedback on The Pawn

June 14, 2016

This story is about the marriage of Garret and Tracy Stalling. The beginning was about Garret recieving prescription drugs from a drug dealer named Shawn Figueroa. The reader sees Garret's sarcastic and frustrated side in this part. The next scene was Tracy dressed in a "ridiculous manner", according to Garret. He tells his wife to dress less "scary" for their interview. It turns out that the interview was about Garret's run for presidency. Right afterr the interview, Tracy calls the interviewer and tells him about Garret's drug issues, which was an example of dramatic irony. The final line break shows Garret playing a game of chess while being enraged at Tracy for being tardy. Garret drank the drink that he had. Tracy, upon realizing this, gave away the secret. She lets him now that she never loved him and that she played him. Tracy uses the term "checkmate" to finish off a wonderfully written piece.

I loved this piece because of the suspense. Tracy was immediately described like an actress and the end really exploited my feelings. Also, the title, "Checkmate", was perfectly wrapped back into the story. Tracy palyed the perfect antagonist and dramatic irony was used to perfection in this novel. Overall, this piece was written excellently.      

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