Feedback on $19,000,000,000,000

June 14, 2016

   "$19,000,000,000,000," by Sabrina Fuller acknowledges one of the United States' major problems that is not well known by the public, the national debt. This piece explains how other problems can arise from the debt such as a failing economy in the future. Unemployment rates would increase, but the programs offered by the fedeeral government would create more debt. Towards the end of the piece, Sabrina mentions how this year's election can change this situation.

   I find this piece relatable in a sense of time. Even though I know I should be spending my time on doing something productive, I find myself procrastinasting. A few minutes wasted on listening to music will undoubtedly result in an hour of lost time. The piece states, "This country cannot afford to continue its reckless pattern of spending and increasing the national debt." After reading this line, I will have to reconsider how I want to spend my time. It is important to note that one small problem can lead to many large consequences.

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