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June 14, 2016
By julia552 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
julia552 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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     “Kaleidoscope” was a bittersweet piece describing the life of Edie through her possessions before her unnamed accident. The author’s detailed visuals of each item, from Edie’s blue socks to her glittery fairy wings. The depictions give an idea of Edie as a character, showing her innocence and youth. The detail about the blue socks being, “the only suitable color for a sock” shows her childish habits. The poetic word choice makes the visuals very strong, and puts readers in the scene.
    The line, “The kaleidoscope frame is bare now, a skeleton of its former glory” stood out to me. This kaleidoscope seems to represent Edie at the moment, being a colorful, magnificent character that is out of her realm of her toys and room because of the accident. She is as simple yet bursting with personality as the kaleidoscope, but she is out of place now because of whatever happened. This is conveyed by the poignant descriptions and word choice by the author. Thank you, Grace, for this beautiful story.

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