Feedback on "Impressionist Sky"

June 14, 2016

   “Impressionist Sky “ by Arielle Williams simply conveyed the nuances of love and doubt. The speaker describes their feelings about how their lover may see them as a replacement for their partner’s ex-lover. Meanwhile, the narrator explains their feelings with denial that their suspicions are non-existent and that they gain positive benefits from it. By saying the opposite, the hidden meaning is implied. However, the most unique part of the story is that bolded words spell out horizontally “I’ve been having doubts about him, it's too good to be true, it's just not worth it” and “(s)he’s taken care of me when it's most needed and yet I want to love another.” The lies spell out the truth concealed inside.
    I can relate to the piece even though I've never felt those specific romantic relationship problems. The issue of denial exists and worsens many more issues than romance. Ignoring the issue can make many problems worse such as conflicts in relationships. Whenever I would get into an argument with my parents or friends, I couldn't keep on ignoring them afterwards. Small irritations would turn into full scale yelling with stinging words flung across the room. Afterwards, the feelings would just sour and shrivel up as I would insist that I wasn't wrong. The only way to fix it all would be to face the problem head on instead of blocking it out.

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