I Am a Lifeguard

June 13, 2016
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     “I Am a Lifeguard” by Jonah Findley is an article about a lifeguard who realizes the importance of his job after an incident of a girl almost drowning. In the scene, the lifeguard is at a typical day of work, stationed near diving boards at the pool. He notices a young girl on the diving board and how a boy is pressuring her to go so it can be his turn. The narrator describes how, when the girl dives and surfaces, she flails around in the water. In a quick moment, he springs into action and manages to save the girl’s life.
     Due to this incident, the lifeguard is reminded of how he is responsible for the lives of the people at a pool. Lifeguards are commonly disregarded by swimmers. The probability of someone drowning in a public pool is usually uncommon, so the lifeguards sit at their station idly. They are unfortunately overlooked most of the time and therefore unappreciated. The memoir emphasizes how lifeguards may have an easy job because people do not always need saving, but are necessary for public pools nonetheless. Jonah says, “Maybe it seems that being a lifeguard is the simplest job ever, but people’s lives are in your hands. Sometimes even lifeguards forget this, but after the day I will never forget.” I agree, Jonah. You understand the significance of lifeguards, and it's time the rest of the world does, too.

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