Review on "Grey's Anatomy"

June 13, 2016
By nicolezef GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
nicolezef GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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     "Grey's Anatomy" is a T.V. review by Julia Nunnery. Julia states that she loves the show and that it is "life-changing." I agree with the autho; the show is worth watching and will guide viewers through an unforgettable journey. However, I disliked the review because of the many spoilers included. 
     I have watched Grey's Anatomy in full, including all twelve seasons and anxiously awaiting the thirteenth. Julia spoiled many character deaths, both directly and indirectly, and if I had never watched the show, I would be discouraged to watch it because it would be ruined for me. Julia mentioned the current name of the hospital, Grey-Sloan Memorial, indicating that Grey and Sloan have passed. Additionally, she directly states, "...the departure of many favorite characters, such as Christina and Derek." In my case, Derek's departure was spoiled for me and Christina's was not, and I can say that her departure was notably more impactful. Julia wrote her review well and about a great show, however should have been more careful about revealing too much. 

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