Steroids and Baseball

October 24, 2008
By Brendan Maseda BRONZE, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
Brendan Maseda BRONZE, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
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I connected with Collins U’s article about steroids and baseball because I understand what steroids do for baseball. I mean if you want to have a career in baseball you’re right ; they will take the bigger, faster, and stronger than the average player because of the skill of that player in the future. Also it basically explains that Adrian Beltre uses steroids even though nobody has proven it. He has gone from never hitting more than 20 homers in a season, to doubling that in one year is amazing and would be really hard to accomplish this task with out using steroids.

I understand this story really well because I read the book Juiced by Jose Canseco who talked a lot about the uses of steroids and the benefits and side effects. I don't think steroids are worth the risk. I am hopeful that athletes in baseball will realize what they’re doing.

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