A Teen’s Knight in Shining Armor MAG

February 20, 2016

Ever since I was young I had an affinity for writing. I had a pen in my hand, scribbling on whatever I could find, before I even knew how to spell. Writing has often served as a release, allowing me to express my thoughts and in some cases vent against what I viewed as unfair without fear of reprisal or judgment. I wrote my first essay when I was eight, and I have written over 600 since, writing at least two a week. My keyboard has been an integral part of my sanity for many years, allowing me to “scream” or express my thoughts whenever and however I want. My writing sequence was as follows:

Write an Essay

Read the Essay

Upload to the cloud folder “My Writing”

Let it sit there, abandoned and lonely.

Move the essay to my trash six months later when I had to make room on my hard drive for the latest video game.

While my writing process might sound like a waste of effort and talent, I never believed my writing would be viewed by anyone except family and friends. At night when I went to sleep I would enter a virtual reality, where the world could read my writing and I was actively contributing to an individual’s knowledge.

My dreams of the world reading what I had to say was only a dream until I discovered Teen Ink. Teen Ink became my mouth, broadcasting my voice and thoughts to all. Since I discovered Teen Ink I have been able to write with a greater motivation, knowing the world can read what I have to say and my writing will be “out there” rather than collecting dust in the cloud.

In my opinion Teen Ink is a teen’s knight in shining armor, providing teens with a safe and powerful forum to express their thoughts and views. While to most Teen Ink is a just magazine or a book read for pleasure, Teen Ink has rescued me and my writing from my desolate cloud. Teen Ink has become an essential part of my life, providing me with an arena free of judgment and criticism, full of support and praise. Teen Ink has given my writing hope and life, and for that I am forever grateful.

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