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March 3, 2016
By Seth.immediato BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
Seth.immediato BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
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The article “But … Bacon!” by Anne Mickey relates to my life. For the last few years, both my mom and sister have sporadically been vegetarians but have failed to stick with it. Recently, after watching a video on the inhumane treatment of animals, they have been motivated to take another shot at being vegetarians.

In her article, Anne discusses the bullies in the lunchroom who would torment her with chicken nuggets, and people who would ask annoying questions. This was familiar to me because, for my mom and sister, I am the bully. For example, one day I was eating chicken and waved it in their faces and tore into it dramatically. However, I am just being friendly, and they don’t hate me like Anne hated her tormentors. Although I disagree with the way some animals are treated, I can’t give up bacon.

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