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February 28, 2016
By colbystirk BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
colbystirk BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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“Seven Seasons of Us” was one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read in Teen Ink. Lillian Yuan starts out explaining past pictures of her with a boy: “Pictures of us, smiles wide and eyes glittering, pictures of me trying to pull him into the shot, pictures of the top of his head or the side of his face half obscured by one pale hand.” She goes on to describe how they met and the good times they spent together. Lillian really hit my emotions hard when she revealed that their relationship fell apart as they grew older, and how they fell out of touch. Many teens can definitely relate to this.

I couldn’t stop reading this piece. Lillian’s descriptions were so vivid I felt like I was there. The ending was the best heart-wrenching part, and made me cry. She says how she misses him more than any of her friends who have moved away, and he hasn’t even left town. She isn’t able to let go even though their relationship is already gone. This was so well written, and I applaud Lillian for putting her story out into the world for others to read.

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