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February 25, 2016
By colinsmith BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
colinsmith BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Cole Rudolph’s article “Wanderlust” really made a strong connection with me. Like him, I have always wanted to explore. Traveling has been an important part of my life. I have traveled by car to Florida, driving through six states. I also played travel baseball in the Carolinas, the Midwest, and all throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Cole writes about the wonders of nature that come with exploring. I share his love of natural wonders. From waterfalls, great rivers, mountains, and forests to big cities, there are jaw-dropping sights all around us.

Experiencing the world is something you can’t do by sitting in your house. Cole writes, “I contemplate how easily we fall into routines that have a frightening tendency to consume our lives, infecting us with dissatisfaction and desensitization toward the wonders of the universe.”

The solution is simple. All you have to do is lace up your shoes and start exploring wherever your feet may take you. Cole asks, “Wouldn’t it be cool to just start walking and ... not stop? See where the wind takes you and get away from it all?” The world is simply too captivating to not take advantage of it. Visit the world as much as you can and appreciate life, and you will catch wanderlust too!

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