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February 16, 2016
By Evan D. c/o Liz Belmont BRONZE, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
Evan D. c/o Liz Belmont BRONZE, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
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I really liked “The Terminator” by Drew Hundley. I can relate to it because I am an overweight 15-year-old like Drew was. I’m often the last one to finish gym activities like running. I want to change, but it seems I always give up when it gets hard. Drew’s article made me want to try again to lose the weight.
I was bullied by so many kids – some I even thought were my friends – but that made me not care what people think of me. I don’t hate them. They made me feel depressed, but thankfully I had my family and my real friends. I can prove people wrong. The biggest life change that I’m thankful for is choosing to go to a technical high school. Now I walk four miles a day. It’s a start. And here I feel that I can express myself.

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