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February 12, 2009
By teenheart9 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
teenheart9 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I agree with this story. I think your case proves that sometimes we need to listen to our parents even though we think we're right. I agree with you mostly because my parents are usually right with things to. I always feel like I know more than them about certain things, but of course, our parents know more than us. They have life experience and that's really why they're the parent and why it's their role to protect us and not the other way around. We should listen to them more or at least consider their ideas a little more.

I admit, I've never been through any situation like the author went through, but if I did, I would've done pretty much the same thing. I would've also never went somewhere and stayed later than my parents told me unless I had a really good reason why and I let them know about it. I do not agree, though, that parents should know every single thing about our life. My parents don't really care as long as I do not break the rules or get in trouble. I have seen movies though where kids are overprotected. We kids still need a little privacy as there as some things that we need to decide and do on our own.

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