January 19, 2009
By Zhanna Smsarian, New York, NY



The article “Stereotypical” by Christine Oshiki captured my interest. It discussed the hardships of her friend being a gay, and how he fought with the obstacles. Even though I am against the idea of gays because it is not natural, I limit my opinion and never go as far as abusing others verbally. Before, I used to be extremely strong about this point of view, until someone mentioned that people have the right to do to whatever they want in their lives. I agreed, and my opinion switched slightly. As I read about Christine’s friend, that reminded me of someone…me. I am different from others, and that causes for rumors to spread like fire. I eventually learned to stand up for myself, and at that point I changed into a stronger character. I am glad that her friend was able to do the same. I wish that at some point people will learn to respect the differences of others. That way, our world will definitely become a better place, and suicide would be an uncommon word…

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