A Victim to Heroin MAG

March 10, 2015
By OmNomAmi BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
OmNomAmi BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Every issue of Teen Ink has a plethora of stories and pictures that enchant me and imbue me with refreshing perspectives of life and truth. One article in the March issue especially succeeded in grabbing my attention, since I’m an aficionado of all aspects of human behavior and psychology: “A Victim to Heroin” by “Allison.” In her article, she relays an experience that anyone who has dealt with drug abuse and addiction can identify with. At the same time, she teaches the reader to identify the signs of heroin use.

Allison sets the background by recalling the date when her boyfriend’s life was stolen by heroin. In explaining the telltale signs that he exhibited during the months before he died, she offers valuable knowledge that could help prevent any of us from dealing with the same grief.

This piece thoroughly encapsulates the horrific realities of heroin as a tainted and unreliable drug. Most notably, the last few lines include details of the night of her boyfriend’s death that evoked deep sorrow in me, making me tear up. The declarative tone of the last two paragraphs leaves a resounding ache that is further emphasized when the author asserts, “it was already too late.”

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