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January 15, 2015
By BereMe97 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
BereMe97 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I totally agree with Margaux Alexander’s review of “Multiply” by Ed Sheeran. She wrote about Sheeran being an incredible role model. He never gave up on his dream of becoming a musician, and he managed to stop abusing alcohol at a young age.

Margaux described Sheeran as a “one-man band.” It is hard to imagine that he is able to sell out all his shows and perform by himself. Considering that there are very few artists who could pull off the “one-man band” routine, that is simply amazing.

I also agree with Margaux’s description of Sheeran as a singing poet. I truly appreciate his ability to turn a simple concept into beautiful lyrics. Thank you, Margaux, for writing this review of such an amazing artist.

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on Mar. 31 2015 at 1:48 pm
CherieAria BRONZE, Taipei, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't compromise yourself, you are all you've got"--Janice Joplin

He's an awesome artist, but I really have this one huge problem which is... everyone I know pronounces his last name differently! Is it shee-ran or shuh-reen or?

hughess7 said...
on Mar. 10 2015 at 2:11 pm
hughess7, Easley, South Carolina
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I love Ed! he's an all time inspiration!

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