Teen Ink, My Buffet MAG

November 18, 2014
By AliciaMarzolf ELITE, Cupertino, California
AliciaMarzolf ELITE, Cupertino, California
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Teen Ink, you are everything to me. You are my meals, my nutrition, my sustenance. I savor each article and poem like scrumptious bites of a gourmet dinner, tasting every word on the tip of my tongue. I make sure to eat every bite: I read every last poem printed in your delicious magazine, often more than once. This food is too good to be wasted. I am not picky: I taste every article, even if I doubt it will interest me. Often the most interesting food is the dish you have not dared to try yet. After hungrily devouring the magazine, I am refreshed and re-energized, yet anxious for the next meal.

Thank you, Teen Ink. I will never go hungry.

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