Why I Love Winter

December 17, 2008
By Megan Welbig, Dell Rapids, SD

I don't agree with Andrew C. I possitively hate winter. Why would anyone like winter? Sure you’ve got snowball fights sledding and, of course, Christmas. But playing in the snow is cold. You get snow down your coat and clothes and everywhere else imaginable. It just isn’t pleasant. Then you get sick when you’re out too long. And ugh I just hate winter. Now Christmas, Christmas is my favorite holiday, but it is always so stinking cold outside. Like here in South Dakota it get to be like -17° plus a wind chill of about -30° and that isn’t even on a bad day, it is like a daily basis thing. And then there is snow. Tons and tons of snow. I hate the snow. It is cold. I mean what is so great about snow. All it is is frozen rain. Whoohoo. What is the big deal? You don’t need snow to have Christmas. Christmas is Christmas no matter if there is snow or not. So, I don’t agree with Andrew. I hate winter and that isn’t going to change. Winter just makes everything seem dreary, and a lot less bright and cheery.

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