Jackie Chan

December 17, 2008
By Andres Frias, Phoenix, AZ

I wholeheartedly agree with Gary in his article "Jackie Chan". Jackie Chan truly is known worldwide for being a hero. His good-natured and humorous personality have gained him fame worldwide. When one thinks of Jackie Chan one thinks of a hero, not just because he always plays the role of a hero in the movies but also because of how he is in real life. He has always been a person about helping others and caring for the enviornment. He cares about starving children and about animal abuses and has done all he can to fight this. He runs charities worldwide and gets many followers to follow his cause. I guess one could say he's a selfless good man. I even find it pretty generous that he's willing to donate half his assets to charity when he passes away. A person who would be such a postitive role model and helper like Chan truly is a hero.

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