The Holes In My Heart

November 18, 2008
By Kimberly Lenth, Dell Rapids, SD

This story was overwhelmingly heartbreaking, but has a genuine ending. This young girl who lived in Cambodia, took care of her family. Her father had beaten her mother so much that she became paralyzed and eventually her father left. So this young girl had to take care of her mother and also raise her younger brother, Long. Later on, Long was adopted by an American family and left this young girl to help her mother. One night, she had a nightmare that her mother was going to leave her, but her mother assured her that, that would never happen. Unfortunately, weeks later her mother had died of a stroke and this poor girl’s nightmare became her reality. Sometime after her mother had passed away, this young 8-year-old girl was told that she could live with the same family that her brother lives with in America. She was thrilled and about a year later, this family took her in, and to this day she lives happily with them. It just goes to show that sometimes our dreams can be absolutely horrific, but in the end, reality is where happiness is found.

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