"The Holes in My Heart"

November 18, 2008
By Aundrea Schlaikjer, Dell Rapids, SD

This article was very sad. It is about a young teenager who lived in a very poor country. Her alcoholic father left her, her mother and her three young siblings. He used to hit them when he was drunk, and he hit her mother so badly that she was parilyzed. The mother can no longer care for he children, so the task falls on the oldest daughter. The teenager has to send her brother and sister to relatives so they could take better care of them, and she also had to give up her baby brother to someone who had enough money to help it get healthy. Later on in the future, the man who took her baby brother in sends photographs of him, showing that he is now strong and healthy. I thought this was a very sad story, but I’m glad things turned out okay for her and her family in the end.

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