The Miracle of $300

November 6, 2008
I feel the same as Yuni C. When I see or hear about a person in trouble or in need in any situation, I think if I was them would I want someone to help me through the situation. So I feel that it’s my duty to make an effort to help people and spread the word to make others aware of what is happening all around the world and what we can do to help. I might not be able to make a club to increase awareness and raise money for people right now, but my goal in the future is to try and make clubs and funds for those in need. I like the feeling that I made a difference and changed a person’s life forever, makes me feel incredible inside. To everyone who reads “The Miracle of $300” by Yuni and reads this article, I want you to take a step back and realize all that you have and think of all the people around the world that don’t have as much as you. Be grateful and try to see if you can help those in need all over the world. Just think $300 to someone who has nothing is like $300,000 to someone who has everything.

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