Coloring Outside the Lines

March 16, 2014
“Coloring Outside the Lines” by Zoe Ziff is an informative piece. In it, she writes about graffiti and how it should be legalized because of its benefits to not only street artists, but also photographers. Zoe explains how graffiti is another form of art, and should be treated that way.

Before reading this article, I believed that graffiti was pointless writing on a wall. I thought that the only type of street art that should be considered art was graffiti that carried a message, like Banksy’s art. After reading this article, I realized that if graffiti is pointless, then so are all other art forms. Zoe explains how spray-can art can be therapeutic, and how graffiti is economically beneficial. Thank you, Zoe, for changing my views on this art form and probably the views of many others.

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