What About Me?

November 11, 2008
Dear President Elect Obama,

My name is Stevia M and I’m a junior at Meade Senior High School. I stayed up till 2am on Tuesday night watching your tremendous election as the President of the United States. I’ve watched almost every one of your speeches and listened intently to every word. During your campaign I’ve heard a lot of promises that you’ve made to America. As a young person I’ve been very influenced by you and I am very curious as to what you actually plan on doing. Are you actually going to cut taxes for middle class Americans or provide better healthcare? What about me Mr.Obama? What about my school and my peers and the other people in my community hungry for a real change and not just an empty promise. January 20th is your inauguration Mr. Obama, so what are you going to do on January 21st? I’ve seen hundreds of people struggle whether in my community or in communities abroad. I want to know how you plan on helping struggling and starving children. Elect the best governors, secretaries, specialists and senators to help you and to help America become better, smarter, healthier and safer. I implore you Mr. Obama, don’t let us down. Don’t just say change, believe it and make it happen not only in America but all over the world.

Stevia M.

Ft Meade, Maryland

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