A Hair's Strength

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

"A Hairs Strength" by Stephanie Staup is an example of the utmost selflessness. Hair may seem like a trivial nothing- just something there with no purpose at all- but to a teenage girl, it defines their personality and who they are. It is a way to express themselves and fit it.

When reading this article, it is hard to imagine watching a friend suffer from a disorder that causes them to lose their hair. It would be very difficult to be a first-hand witness and know that the situation is beyond your control.

The selflessness involved in shaving her own head to prevent her friend from being alone in the struggle makes Stephanie stand out amongst many others. Such a sacrifice comes with the consequences of becoming an outcast by others which is exactly what she hoped to avoid. Instead of letting her friend Mary be laughed at and made fun of on her own, Stephanie shaved her hair and stood strong next to her. Staying true to a friend in real need is a quality very hard to possess, but the ability to wield such characteristics is what makes a true friend.

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